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Warehouse & Transport
Find all your warehousing & lifting equipment here. Trolleys, pallet trucks, ladders, storage boxes, industrial crates, packaging supplies & more.
Prestar Folding Handle Plastic Trolley PF301
RM 492.15
Heavy Duty Platform Trolley 150kg/300kg
RM 121.46
Toyogo Plastic Trolley 3618 (pack of 2)
RM 189.29
Jasmine Multi Purpose Wire Mesh Trolley PLA300-AM1
RM 567.87
Prestar Fixed Handle Trolley Wheel NG402
RM 1,342.37
Prestar Folding Handle Trolley NF301
RM 533.16
Prestar Worktainer 2 Doors Type Trolley WT11-80
RM 1,514.31
Prestar Security 2 Door Worktainer WTS85-65
RM 1,924.43
Prestar Side Net Worktainer Trolley NF307W
RM 1,658.17
Prestar Security 2 Door Worktainer Trolley WTS11-80
RM 2,012.77
Stocky Picking Trolley 500kg
RM 4,372.57
Prestar Worktainer Roll Cages Trolley WT11-80
RM 1,063.17
Stocky Stainless Steel Trolley ST3/100A
RM 1,192.52
Rubbermaid 2 Tier Trolley FG452088
RM 2,255.69
Prestar Double Deck Dual Handle Trolley NB104
RM 681.44
3 Tier Trolley With Aluminium Frame
RM 457.45
Stocky Stainless Steel Trolley 2 Shelf Levels ST2/100
RM 968.53
Prestar Double Deck Single Handle Trolley NF314
RM 1,028.47
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton
RM 2,028.54
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton - HPT-30NR/PU
RM 1,085.25
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton Nylon
RM 1,590.02
3.0 Ton Hand Pallet Truck
RM 946.44
Sumo Pallet Truck Nylon Wheel Snw2.5t / Snw3.0t
RM 1,088.41
Stocky Stainless Steel Pallet Truck 2t Nylon Wheel SSHPT-20NR
RM 7,894.91
Toyogo Rectangular Handy Basket 596 (pack of 6)
RM 38.80
Toyogo Mini Basket 594 (pack of 6)
RM 20.51
Toyogo Shopping Basket 1731 (pack of 6)
RM 134.08
Toyogo Square Carry Basket (no.2) 4406 (pack of 6)
RM 38.80
Toyogo Shopping Basket Trolley 4321 (pack of 6)
RM 679.23
Toyogo Square Carry Basket (no.4) 4404 (pack of 6)
RM 22.71
Inner Tube for Wheel Barrow
RM 10.13
Wheel Barrow 26A-wide
RM 118.15
Pneumatic Wheel for Wheel Barrow-14"x4" Plastic Type
RM 47.32
Prestar Wheel Tire Tube Black
RM 11.36
Pneumatic Wheel for Wheel Barrow-13" Metal Type
RM 40.54
Pu Wheel for Blue Wheel Barrow-14"x3.5" Pvc Rim
RM 54.10