Warehouse & Transport
Find all your warehousing & lifting equipment here. Trolleys, pallet trucks, ladders, storage boxes, industrial crates, packaging supplies & more.
Elegant Black Series Hand Trolley (model: JAP150)
RM 418.35
Prestar Metal Trolley 300KG NF301
RM 754.27
Tool Trolley 7-Drawer (blue)
RM 2,304.48
Tools Trolley 7-drawer Steel
RM 3,828.99
Milwaukee Packout 2-Wheel Cart Trolley
RM 1,432.32
150kg Prestar Trolley
RM 347.45
Ezroller Roll Container Standard
RM 1,400.42
Roll Container Trolley/cage
RM 1,127.46
EZRoller Lockable Security Cage
RM 2,304.48
EZRoller Roll Container Single / Double Door
RM 1,754.95
Roll Container Trolley/cage
RM 1,444.88
Prestar Worktainer 2 Doors Type Trolley Steel With Metal Shelving PRE-WT-11-80S(606)2DR
RM 2,915.70
3 Tiers Aluminum Frame Plastic Trolley - 3TT
RM 471.53
Boxo 3 Tray Service Cart ECC30030RD
RM 825.36
4 Tier Xl Doc Rack
RM 124.09
Milwaukee Packout Dolly Trolley
RM 531.80
Large 3 Tiers Aluminum Frame Plastic Trolley - 3TTL
RM 595.62
Prestar Double Deck Dual Handle Trolley NB104
RM 761.54
Pu Yellow Wheel Choke (40T) c/w Handle and 1-sided Reflective Customized Aluminium Sign Plate (left or Right)
RM 688.22
Heli 2.0 Ton Full Electric Lithium Battery Pallet Truck CBD20J-LI-S
RM 13,454.63
2.0Ton Full Electric Pallet Truck
RM 16,663.18
2.0Ton Full Electric Pallet Truck
RM 8,820.85
Hand Pallet Truck
RM 5,372.64
1.5Ton Full Electric Pallet Truck
RM 8,111.78
Goldstar / Plastic Basket Container 33L GS-119 Yellow / Blue
RM 51.58
Canvas Tools Bag
RM 17.73
Goldstar Plastic Food Container Gs - 1012
RM 42.90
Large Capacity Canvas Travel Luggage Bag Outdoor Travel Duffle Bag With Coded Lock
RM 106.36
20 Litres Stainless Steel Pail - SSP20
RM 159.54
Goldstar / Plastic Basket Container 32L GS-1002H
RM 70.55
Holder for Dia Dex Wheel Od25
RM 19.46
Prestar Wheel Barrow 500P W/o Welding
RM 194.99
Makita Cordless Powered Wheelbarrow (18VX2) DCU604Z
RM 16,516.85
Makita Cordless Powered Wheelbarrow (18V) DCU180Z
RM 3,789.89