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Warehouse & Transport
Find all your warehousing & lifting equipment here. Trolleys, pallet trucks, ladders, storage boxes, industrial crates, packaging supplies & more.
Crystar Foldable Platform Trolley Black CT120 120kg
RM 262.93
Prestar Folding Handle Trolley NF301
RM 523.68
Prestar Side Dual Handle Plastic Trolley PF333
RM 944.49
Prestar Fixed Handle Trolley Wheel NG402
RM 1,318.50
Prestar Folding Handle Trolley NF301
RM 523.68
150kg Trolley
RM 123.64
Ezroller Worktainer Roll Cages Trolley With Door
RM 1,425.41
Prestar Security 2 Door Worktainer Trolley WTS11-80
RM 1,976.98
Stocky Work Tainer
RM 1,822.04
Supo Metal Steel Cage
RM 597.15
Ezroller Worktainer Roll Cages Trolley
RM 1,053.56
Stocky Picking Trolley 500kg
RM 4,294.81
Jumbo 3tier Single Handle Trolley L765*w485*h860 220kg HL130S
RM 795.75
Crystar 3 Tier Net Trolley 600x900mm Ct300t3-pu
RM 795.75
Jumbo 3tier Double Handle Trolley L965*w615*h950 370kg HB230D
RM 1,160.47
3 Tier Trolley With Aluminium Frame
RM 402.83
Prestar Double Deck Single Handle Trolley NF314
RM 1,010.18
Crystar 2tier Net Trolley 600x900mm CT300T2
RM 588.75
Boke Pallet Truck 5ton HPTP5T
RM 2,268.25
Isuzu Engine Diesel and Battery Forklift
RM 89,087.84
Sumo Pallet Truck Pu Wheel 2.5t / 3.0t
RM 1,069.05
Stocky Narrow Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton - HPT-30NR
RM 1,065.96
Sumo Pallet Truck Nylon Wheel Snw2.5t / Snw3.0t
RM 1,069.05
3.0 Ton Hand Pallet Truck
RM 929.61
Toyogo Laundry Basket 4314 (pack of 6)
RM 60.42
Toyogo Manpi Multi-purpose Handy Basket 1723 (pack of 6)
RM 38.11
Toyogo Pon-pon Basket 4313 (pack of 6)
RM 44.62
Toyogo Square Carry Basket (no.2) 4406 (pack of 6)
RM 38.11
Toyogo Square Carry Basket (no.1) 4407 (pack of 6)
RM 53.61
Toyogo Square Carry Basket (no.3) 4405 (pack of 6)
RM 38.11
Pneumatic Wheel for Wheel Barrow-14"x4" Plastic Type
RM 46.48
Pneumatic Wheel for Wheel Barrow-13" Metal Type
RM 39.82
Solid Rubber Wheel for Wheel Barrow-13"
RM 39.82
Concrete Cart
RM 944.95
Pu Wheel Yellow for Wheel Barrow 13" Metal Rim
RM 37.18
Prestar Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Wheel
RM 196.46