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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Metz Safety Rubber Boots BT-WW
RM 56.98
Dewalt Millington Rigger Brown Src Pro Pu Comfort Boots
RM 534.98
Bata Bickz 304 Boa Grey/black Nubuck Shoe Size 4/37 (716-27278)
RM 421.02
Krushers Safety Shoe Florida Black 296159
RM 146.25
Caterpillar Men Second Shift Steel Toe Work Shoe P703376
RM 598.29
Dewalt Apprentice 2 Honey Com Src Pro Pu Comfort Shoes
RM 452.67
3M Hard Hat H-701V
RM 69.64
Accsafe Faceshield for Helmet FSH01
RM 28.49
H8a Headgear With Ratchet
RM 139.28
3m Wp96 Visor Clear
RM 27.86
S-433L Hood Single Pack
RM 829.38
Wp96 Impact Chem&heat Resist Clear Window
RM 41.15
Kkh Pocket Safety Vest
RM 15.19
3m Safety Vest Yellow 8906
RM 37.04
High Visibility Reflective Gear Security Safety Belt Strap
RM 8.71
3M Night Safety Green Vest V10S2
RM 37.67
Hy Safety Vest With Stripe HY-11
RM 6.65
Hi Safety Vest With Pockets
RM 31.66
Ingco Pvc Gloves
RM 4.43
Worksafe® Disposable Nitrile Glove 30.48cm (100pcs/box)
RM 53.81
Worksafe® Disposable Nitrile Glove 22.8cm (100pcs/box)
RM 50.65
Green Nitrile Gloves
RM 16.43
Worksafe Argon Cowhide Leather Glove Yellow
RM 19.85
Worksafe Neochem Neoprene Glove Dark Blue 33cm
RM 22.98
Worksafe® Astronix E302 Goggle - Indirect Vent With Pc Antifog Lens
RM 66.48
Worksafe A-Wing E171 Silver/black Frame - Hard Coat / Indoor / Outdoor
RM 142.45
Ingco Safety Goggles
RM 7.28
Bouton 7700 Vs Plus Safety Eyewear/spectacles
RM 22.16
Worksafe KUIPER E3045 Hard Coat Lens
RM 250.08
3m Safety Goggles 1623AF
RM 56.98
2Ton Toho Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 1M
RM 11.08
Sling Polyester 250mm X 3m 10 Ton Bemax
RM 240.58
1Ton Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 4M
RM 17.41
Toho Rescue Tripod - 200kg
RM 2,247.55
Rope Lanyard W/pn-113 & Pn-131
RM 117.13
1Ton Webbing Sling/Lifting Belt X 1M
RM 7.91
Face Shield / Faceshield Protective Clear Film Premium Quality
RM 4.27
Face Shield / Faceshield With Spectacle Anti-fog Performance
RM 5.06
Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield / Splash Shield With Sponge (size 310x230mm )
RM 9.47
Elvex Clear Molded Lexan Face Shield With Chin Protector FS-18L-CP
RM 114.91
Elvex Clear Polycarbonate Molded Face Shield 8inch X 12inch FS-12PC
RM 41.79
Protective Face Shield/visor - for F&b/daily Usage
RM 6.33