Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Worksafe STARFIRE-L Low Cut, Black Mesh Microfiber, EVA/RUBBER Sole, S1P
RM 260.80
King's Low-Cut Lace Safety Shoes, Model:KWS200-C
RM 145.36
Otter Safety Shoes OWT900KW-R
RM 294.26
Workgard ALPHA-L Low Cut, Black Barton Split Leather, S1P
RM 117.39
Metz-White Safety Rubber Boots
RM 78.00
Safety Jogger Safety Shoe Lady Bestgirl S3
RM 177.27
Accsafe HA883 Cleanroom Bump Cap
RM 88.63
Uvex Pheos B-WR Safety Helmet
RM 124.09
Accsafe Safety Cleanroom White Plastic Bump Cap With Ratchet Suspension
RM 141.81
Safety Helmet Clip
RM 20.92
Safety Helmet
RM 12.41
Quebee Spear Summer Cap Ce Navy Blue (with Saesl Company Logo) QB-BC-SC02SS-NB
RM 102.82
High Visibility Reflective Strip
RM 30.14
Safety Vest
RM 8.86
Safety Vest Breathable Reflective Vest- Free Size
RM 7.09
Accsafe Elastic Strike Vest With Reflective Strip
RM 13.83
3M Night Safety Green Vest V10S2
RM 42.19
Safety Elastic Work Vest With Clip(green)
RM 19.50
Ansell Tnt Nitrile P/f Glove (box of 100 Pieces) 92-600
RM 98.49
Quebee Safety 9" Quebee Nitrile Powder Free Glove QB-OCPFNFK-EXAM
RM 56.73
Ansell Disposable Gloves 92-600 100PCS/BOX
RM 88.63
9" Quebee Nitrile Powder Free Glove ( 100pcs)
RM 56.73
Worksafe 9-Inch Disposable Nitrile Gloves (powder FREE)-G37704 5.5 Mil
RM 58.50
3m Comfort Grip Glove
RM 19.50
Pace OP-2101-OTG Optic Overspec Spectacle Clear Lens, 2011508114000200
RM 18.44
Quebee Visitor Safety Spectacle Clear Lens QB-2048
RM 10.28
Blue Eagle Gas Welding Goggles, Certified by Ce EN166, EN170, EN175, Ansi Z87.1
RM 25.00
Honeywell S200A Goggles anti-fog anti-splash Protective Glasses wind-proof Sand Riding wind-proof Glasses
RM 34.74
Blue Eagle Anti-Fog Goggles, Certified by Ce EN166, Ansi Z87.1
RM 24.00
Honeywell A800 Clear Frame Anti-Fog Safety Glasses
RM 14.18
Stainless Steel 304 Carabiner Snap Hook
RM 7.09
Annual Inspection for QB-PN-SW-2002-SW
RM 265.90
Stainless Steel 304 Carabiner Snap Hook With Eyelet M6
RM 10.64
Quebee Safety Rope Lanyard W/PN-113 & PN-131 (piece) QB-PN-209-1.5M
RM 106.36
RM 106.36
Kernmantle Rope Semi Static Diameter 11MM
RM 226.90
Gvs ABEK1P3 Filter Replacement
RM 90.00
Weldmaster Welding Hand Shield AS00218
RM 11.84
Gvs A1P3 Respirator
RM 120.00
Gvs A1P3 Filter Replacement
RM 70.00
Gvs ABE1P3 Filter Replacement
RM 80.00
Gvs P3 Nuisance Filter
RM 50.00