Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Kings Executive Safety Shoe KJ404X
RM 195.43
Safety Jogger Safety Shoe Dakar S3
RM 197.98
King's Low-cut Lace Safety Shoe KWS200
RM 148.68
Otter Safety Shoe OWT900KW-R
RM 356.37
King's Safety Shoe Low-cut Lace Safety Shoe KWS200
RM 126.45
Acesafet Most Sought-after Model "stout"
RM 97.08
Msa V-gard Safety Helmet Standard White
RM 53.33
Non-woven Disposable Work Cap With Snood CN201
RM 126.45
Workgard Safety Helmet Yellow
RM 14.37
Uvex Pheos B-WR Safety Helmet With Chin Strap
RM 89.41
EVO®3 Mid Peak Wheel Vented White
RM 73.45
Jsp Safety EVO®3 Safety Helmet Wheel Ratchet Vented
RM 84.30
Road Marshall Vest
RM 7.92
Ace Safety Strap Harness Vest
RM 12.07
3m Safety Vest Yellow 8906
RM 35.48
Ace Safety Vest
RM 6.39
3M Night Safety Green Vest V10S2
RM 41.03
Accsafe Safety Vest Yellow With Pockets VB4P
RM 28.10
Cotton Glove 888 (600g)
RM 8.78
Ansell Nitrile Chemical Resistant Glove
RM 10.54
Ansell Tnt Nitrile P/f Glove 10 Boxes/Case 92-600
RM 843.03
Quebee Examination Nitrile Powder Free Glove QB-OCPFNFK-EXAM (100pcs)
RM 56.78
Quebee Examination Nitrile Powder Free Glove QB-OCPFNFK-EXAM (100pcs)
RM 61.31
Maxter Disposable Nitrile Gloves (powder Free) M
RM 39.92
Quebee Safety Eyewear Phoenix QB-2101
RM 19.51
Makrite 1182 Safety Glasses (spectacle) (12 pcs/Box)
RM 3.19
Accsafe Ultra Safaty Goggle Indirect Vented
RM 33.53
Quebee Visitor Safety Spectacle Clear Lens QB-2048-CLR
RM 7.66
Honeywell A800 Clear Frame Anti-Fog Safety Glasses
RM 13.48
Worksafe Kleanlens Cleaning Fluid, 16oz
RM 38.32
Panda Elastic Reflective Belt Orange PD-637-STXB-OR
RM 26.82
Toho Rescue Tripod - 200kg
RM 2,267.25
Spanset Harness 2 Point, Black HL-2P
RM 246.59
Webbed Sling 3 Tons X 2m
RM 164.77
QFK-286A Fall Protection Kit
RM 638.66
Quebee Travel Restraint Lanyard System Kit C/W Inspection Cert
RM 957.99
Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield / Splash Shield With Sponge
RM 8.30
Clear Face Shield c/w Bracket / for Helmet Use
RM 17.56
Polycarbonate Face Shield Flip Type
RM 28.10
Worksafe Kleanlens Cleaning Tissues
RM 25.55
Face Shield / Faceshield Protective Clear Film Premium Quality
RM 4.31
Face Shield Multi Purpose Protective Face Cover
RM 3.07