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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Ktg Steel Toe Sports Safety Work Shoes / Boots Model Ss20 - Grey
RM 189.59
Safety Jogger Safety Shoe Dakar S3
RM 187.70
Bata Industrial Sportmates Dalton 2 MF S1
RM 185.80
Orex Laced Safety Shoe With Steel Toe-cap & Mid Sole
RM 66.36
Safety Jogger Shoe Manager
RM 200.65
Otter Safety Shoe OWT993KW [s3]
RM 378.46
Quebee Safety Baseball Cap QB-BC-SC02SS
RM 75.84
Accsafe Industrial Bump Cap HA113
RM 62.57
Msa V-gard Fas-trac Slotted Helmet 475 Series
RM 91.00
Bullard Standard Full-brim Hard Hat S71
RM 91.64
Accsafe Hdpe Plastic Safety Bump Cap BCH91
RM 22.75
Msa Safety Hard Hat V-gard Fast-trac Suspension White Psb Certified
RM 63.20
Kkh Safety Vest
RM 6.32
Hy Safety Vest HYSV10
RM 10.74
Accsafe Safety Vest Yellow With Pockets VB4P
RM 26.86
Workgard Reflective Strip Safety Vest Lime Green
RM 11.06
Workgard Reflective Strip Safety Vest Orange
RM 11.06
Accsafe Safety Vest ASV24
RM 7.58
Accsafe Rubber Chemical Resistant Gloves 13" H2AC761042 (dozen)
RM 39.50
3m Scotch Brite Aloe Vera Glove
RM 12.48
Ansell Neotop Neoprene Glove 29-500
RM 14.54
Marigold Rubber Glove Black 1dozen
RM 29.39
Ansell Chemical Resistance Gloves
RM 9.16
Accsafe Cut Resistant 3 Safety Gloves 758053
RM 17.06
Sy Safety Spectacles Yellow/clear
RM 3.16
3M Fahrenheit Safety Goggles 40659
RM 43.61
Bolle Curve Safety Spectacles
RM 18.96
Sy Safety Goggle Clear
RM 2.84
Bolle Rush Plus Safety Spectacles
RM 63.20
Horme Safety Goggles With Strap HSG-01
RM 4.11
Haru Confined Space and Rescue Tripod
RM 5,052.63
Accsafe AH210 Rolex Self-retracting Fall Arrester Webbing 2.25m With Carabiner
RM 380.76
Haru Vertical Retractable Lifeline (en360)
RM 568.78
Haru HE-35D 3.5m Vertical Self Retractable Lifeline (en360)
RM 695.17
Accsafe CR030 Self-retracting Fall Arrester Galvanised Steel Cable With Screw Karabiner
RM 635.77
Skyhawk Fall Arrester Rope 12mm
RM 183.27
Welding Hand Shield W/o Glass
RM 7.43
Bolle Sphere Faceshield & Ratchet Headgear
RM 173.79
Dancel Knitted Face Mask
RM 18.61
Bullard Sentinel 2 Crown and Chin Protection
RM 157.99
Accsafe PVC Faceshield PFS01
RM 24.02
Welding Head Shield With Glass
RM 20.54