Power Tools
The best electrical power tools and pneumatic air tools from the best brands in the trade. Find pneumatic air riveters, power drills and many more.
Stanley Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker PHT150-22
RM 173.00
Rs Pro 7398402 APT517 10 ? 11mm Air Hammer
RM 502.70
Stanley Air Hammer Round Shank 190MM 78-339-23
RM 294.00
Ac Demolition Hammer 5KG HM0810TA
RM 1,489.05
Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer Kit Model 119MAXK
RM 1,063.61
Rs Pro 1370893 Air Hammer
RM 2,020.22
Rs Pro 7398427 1/4in Air Rivet Gun, 3/16 in Maximum Rivet Size (APT690)
RM 1,350.99
Ingersoll Rand Riveter-Offset Handle AVC12A1
RM 5,807.30
Rr Kit #5 With Acat Corner Riveter Kit With Toolbag
RM 4,962.44
Air Rivet Nut Gun Tool Set With Metric & Sae Mandrels
RM 4,920.96
ACT-Air Riveter
RM 372.26
Turret Tag Pcb Rivet for 2.54mm Diameter, 8.5mm Length
RM 0.93
Rs Pro 1370895 152.4mm Orbital Sander, 1/4in Air Inlet, 12000rpm
RM 1,681.56
Rs Pro 1370896 76.2mm Orbital Sander, 1/4in Air Inlet, 16000rpm
RM 1,684.54
3M 2" Roloc Disc Pad 14212
RM 122.31
Rs Pro 9010611 54g Polishing Kit 4in Containing 100 Mm X 2-Section Stitched Hard Buff, 100 Mm X 50 Mm Loose Fold S
RM 338.33
Rs Pro 1370898 76.2mm Orbital Sander, 1/4in Air Inlet, 16000rpm
RM 2,099.67
Rs Pro 7398408 152mm Orbital Sander, 1/4in Air Inlet, 10000rpm
RM 671.81
Ingersoll Rand Air Angle Grinder Model LA422-EU (for 5" Disc)
RM 1,719.50
Universal Tool 4" Angle Air Grinder Model UT9750
RM 1,063.61
Kawasaki Air Angle Grinder for 4'' Disc Safety Lever Handle, M10 X 1.5 Spindle Thread KPT-100AL
RM 1,169.97
Ingersoll Rand 307B 1/4” Air Die Grinder, 28000rpm
RM 595.62
Facom V.345F Air Straight Die Grinder 20000rpm 6mm Collet
RM 1,162.88
Fuji FG-13-2 Air Die Grinder
RM 1,730.13
Ingersoll Rand 1/2" Drive Ultra Compact Air Impact Wrench Model 36QMAX
RM 1,063.61
Ingersoll Rand 1" Drive 8" Long Anvil Air Impact Wrench Model E688-8
RM 1,329.51
Ingersoll Rand 1" Drive 6" Long Anvil Air Impact Wrench Model 285B-6
RM 4,254.43
Ingersoll Rand 1" Drive Air Impact Wrench Model 285B
RM 4,254.43
Facom 3/4'' Drive Air Composite Impact Wrench 1600N.m NK.2000
RM 6,814.82
Facom 3/4'' Drive Air Impact Wrench 270-1220Nm NK.1000F2
RM 5,627.62
18646 Tekiro Air Duster Gun AT-AD1111
RM 21.68
Makita Cordless Blower 18V*2 Lxt Bl Brushless DUB362Z
RM 1,646.46
E-Nitoyo Air Blow Gun 4"
RM 42.54
Digital Cordless Air Duster 38000rpm Air Blower Keyboard Computer Cleaning Compressed Wireless Air Duster With Lcd Display
RM 315.54
Voylet - Air Spray Gun 77G
RM 194.99
E-Nitoyo Air Blow Gun 13"
RM 78.00
Motorized Electric Actuators FTE 05
RM 779.29
Makita 10.8V 2X1.3AH LI-ION Combo Kit, LCT204 (DF330+TD090)
RM 939.52
Festo 19184 Iso Cylinder DSNU-10-25-P-A
RM 132.10
Rs Pro PNP-Hall Cylinder Magnetic Sensor, 10 to 30V Dc, No Operation With Led Indicator
RM 331.24
Rs Pro Air Drill 10mm Reversible, 1/4in Air Inlet (bsp) , 1800 1/min
RM 751.23
Festo 19187 Iso Cylinder DSNU-10-80-P-A
RM 134.10
Pneumatic AQD-19 PP/PET Strapping Tensioner
RM 2,444.44
Selleys Liquid Nails 350GM
RM 22.34
Makita Cordless Stapler (18V) DST121ZK
RM 1,925.84
Makita Pneumatic Pin Nailer AF353
RM 629.21
Makita Cordless Stapler (18V) DST421ZK
RM 1,925.84
Milwaukee 18 Ga Finish Nailer, 18V Cordless (bare Tool)
RM 2,269.03
Rs Pro 0512544 12 Bar 3/4in Hydraulic Spin-On Filter Can, 65L/min Max, 10?m Filtration Size
RM 108.13
Rs Pro 0512663 12 Bar 3/4in Hydraulic Spin-On Filter Can, 55L/min Max, 10?m Filtration Size
RM 341.77
Rs Pro 0512635 12 Bar 1-1/4in Hydraulic Spin-On Filter Can, 95L/min Max, 10?m Filtration Size
RM 292.70
Smc 1/2" F/R Auto Drain New 34AW-40-B
RM 1,429.49
Rs Pro 1952211, Process Pump Filter 64.8L/min
RM 355.56
Hydac 303854 VMF2E.0 Filter Gauge
RM 120.97
Kobe KBE2703850K SP1825K Air Pistol Screwdriver Kit
RM 672.00
Rs Pro 7398414 APT407 Pistol Air Screwdriver, 1/4in Air Inlet (bsp), 1800rpm
RM 860.78
Rs Pro 7398411 APT408 Straight Air Screwdriver, 1/4in Air Inlet (bsp), 1700rpm
RM 815.57
Kobe KBE2703800K SS1525K Straight AIRS/DRIVER Kit 1/4"
RM 654.00
Kobe KBE2703760K Sac Automatic SHUT-OFF Screwdriver Rev 1/4"
RM 2,056.00
Rs Pro 1370887 Pistol Air Screwdriver, 1/4in Air Inlet (bsp), 1800rpm
RM 1,427.96
Toku Concrete Breaker TPB-30 C/W Moil M4
RM 7,626.15
Bosch Demolition Hammer GSH500
RM 1,060.06
Toku TPB-40 Concrete Breaker
RM 5,856.93
Bosch Demolition Hammer GSH500
RM 1,060.06
Toku Concrete Breaker 44.15MM TPB-30
RM 7,382.71
Toku TPB-60 Concrete Breaker
RM 6,660.17