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Hardware tools from hardware stores. Find yourself trustworthy hand tools for your next big engineering project, choose from local and international brands.
Stanley Fatmax Cold Chisel Bimaterial-16332
RM 71.17
Stanley Floor Chisel 3" X 11" With Guard 16331
RM 77.03
Irwin Bluechip Wood Chisel M444
RM 27.56
Stanley Dynagrip Wood Chisel 3pcs Set-16285
RM 94.54
Stanley Cold Chisel
RM 12.41
Stanley Dynagrip Chisel
RM 29.29
Revolving Punch Plier
RM 30.33
Unior Revolving Punch Pliers With 6 Punches 558/5p
RM 102.51
Rapid Leather punch set
RM 79.36
Acas Revolving Leather Punch Plier 9"
RM 23.62
Unior Revolving Punch Pliers 515/1bi
RM 170.76
Orex Claw Hammer Tpr Handle
RM 19.21
King Tony Curved Pein & Finishing Hammer 9CF131
RM 77.47
Allways F.g.claw Hammer
RM 15.84
King Tony Straight Pick & Finishing Hammer 9CF130
RM 77.50
King Tony Straight Pein & Finishing Hammer 9CF132
RM 77.50
Orex Rubber Mallet Wooden Handle
RM 24.88
Taper Punch 3 X 120mm
RM 16.38
Unior Automatic Centre Punch 642a
RM 250.37
RM 85.98
Stanley Starter Punch 3/32"x5-1/2, 16-229
RM 12.60
Stanley Center Punch 5/16" X 41/2" 16-228
RM 12.79
Unior Pin Punch With Handle 641/6hs
RM 43.46
Hunter Letter Stencil Plate Set A-z HLS25
RM 42.20
Hunter Letter Punch Hlp15
RM 84.24
Hunter Number Stencil Plate Set 0-9 HNS25
RM 18.58
Hunter Number Punch Set
RM 29.92