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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Disposable 3" Wooden Ice Cream Spoon 100pcs/pack
RM 5.69
BD Dessert Bowl 10oz B1050A
RM 121.60
BD 6" Plate 6BP50
RM 116.08
BD Chinese Spoon CS550
RM 96.02
Eco Friendly Paper Straw (biodegradable, Renewable, Non Toxic)
RM 55.27
RM 20.53
Black Plastic Trash Bags (30" X 34")
RM 22.11
Garbage Bag 36"x48"x0.025mm 50 Pieces
RM 21.98
Rag Cotton White Sewn 18kg/bag
RM 107.39
Pte Label Hdpe Garbage Bag Black
RM 16.42
Royal Black Garbage Bag 36 X 48 Inch RBG3648
RM 18.95
Royal Black Garbage Bag 30 X 34 Inch RBG3034
RM 15.16
70 Ltrs/ 95 Ltrs Plastic Step-on Foot Pedal Dustbin
RM 271.64
40 Litres (20l+20l) Stainless Steel Twin Step-on Pedal Recycling Bin
RM 300.06
Toyogo Office Rect. Paper Bin 9292 (pack of 6)
RM 54.64
60 Litres (30l+30l) Stainless Steel Twin Foot Pedal Recycling Bin
RM 344.28
20 Litres Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Bin C/w Vinyl Lid
RM 189.51
Round Recycle Bin SB300R
RM 410.61
120 Litres 2 Wheel Plastic Bin WPB120
RM 221.10
Plastic Rubbish Bin W/cover
RM 47.38
70 Litres Round High Density Polyethylene (hdpe) Bin C/w Cover
RM 78.96
Toyogo 50l Step Bin With Wheels 1011 (pack of 3)
RM 284.27
60 Litres Rect Recycling Bin C/w Self-closing Lid
RM 252.69
660 Litres 4-wheels High Density Polyethylene Mobile Garbage Bin
RM 789.64
Klenco Kentucky High Grade Cotton Cut-end Mop Head
RM 19.27
Telescopic Pole
RM 31.11
Mop Bucket With Wringer Yellow
RM 114.66
Klenco Kleanway G-cloth Microfibre - 40 X 40cm (10/pkt)
RM 63.80
Filmop Replacement Dust Mop Head
RM 47.06
Kleanway ECO-2 Cleaning Cart
RM 677.51