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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Foam Cup (8oz) 25 Pieces
RM 3.17
Double Tip Toothpick 6.5cm (600pc)
RM 6.52
Disposable 8 Oz White Paper Cups 50pcs/pack
RM 28.18
Foam Cup 12oz 50 Pieces
RM 10.13
Thick Single Tip Toothpick 6.5cm (500pc)
RM 6.52
Paper Cup Without Cover 16oz. (1000pc/ctn)
RM 247.01
Royal Black Garbage Bag 36 X 48 Inch RBG3648
RM 19.00
Royal Black Garbage Bag 30 X 34 Inch RBG3034
RM 15.20
Royal Thick Heavy Duty Black Garbage Bag 36 X 48 Inch RHD3648
RM 20.58
Pte Label Hdpe Garbage Bag Black
RM 16.47
Garbage Bag Black
RM 13.93
Toss It™ Diaper Disposable Bag/holder
RM 28.18
40 Litres Twin Cavities Stainless Steel Step-on Pedal Bin
RM 300.85
18 Litres Plastic Sanitary Pad Pedal Bin C/w Step-on Foot Pedal & Anti-see Through Lid
RM 126.67
Plastic Square Push Bin / Dustbin (55l)
RM 164.67
Envon 45l Foot Pedal Waste Bin Grey
RM 144.09
40 Litres Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Bin
RM 300.85
60 Litres (30+30) Twin Cavity Sorting Stainless Steel Step-on Pedal Bin C/w Plastic Inner Bin
RM 506.69
Step On Bin 68L
RM 281.85
150 Litres Environmental Friendly Compost Bin
RM 506.69
240 Litres 2 Wheels Mobile Garbage Bin
RM 281.85
RM 237.51
120 Litres 2 Wheels Mobile Recycling Bin
RM 269.18
660-litres Mobile Garbage Waste Bin W/wheels - Europe
RM 798.03
Anti-bacteria Sponge With Scourer 11x6.5cm (2pc)
RM 7.41
Klenco Kleanway M-cloth Microfibre - 40 X 40cm (10/pkt)
RM 57.64
Stainless Steel Scourer Sponge 16.5x8.5cm (2pc)
RM 9.47
Straight Type Brush
RM 11.08
Mop Bucket With Wringer Yellow
RM 114.95
Rental Automatic Hand Sanitizer With Stand
RM 665.03