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Antimicrobial Self-Disinfecting Coating for Air Conditioner
RM 703.13
Replacement Daikin Aircon Remote Control
RM 73.33
Cfc Tools Air Conditioner Europace 12C Portable (12,000BTU) White CFFAC00133
RM 2,194.78
Europace 3-in-1 Portable Aircon Epac 12T3
RM 1,639.57
Aircon Wind Shield 60CM Length Wind Deflector 3 Hp 5 Hp Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner Anti-Direct Blowing
RM 63.62
Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner PC9L-SG
RM 2,963.20
Aluminum Blinds Horizontal
RM 98.67
Relite Cycle Fan Velocity
RM 642.86
Metabo Fan F/FSX200 330001760
RM 40.48
Fanco B-STAR Dc Motor Ceiling Fan With 3 Tone Led Light Kit and Remote Control
RM 632.82
Kdk 3 Blade Ceiling Fan 60" (150cm) M60SG
RM 415.85
Fanco Galaxy-5 Dc Motor Ceiling Fan With Led Light and Remote 38/48/56 / Living Room
RM 699.79
Gen 1 Ts Fan 3610KL-04W-B29
RM 96.43
Cfc Tools Ceiling Board Daiken Constellation 600mm X 600mm X 12mm 12pcs/box CFFAC03749
RM 125.56
Cfc Tools Fine Fissured Armstrong" 3510 600 Mm X 600 Mm X 16 Mm Weight: 3.1kg/m2 CFFAC00106
RM 134.77
Cfc Tools Ceiling Board Daiken Constellation White Colour With Dot 595mm X 595mm X 5/8" (ctn of 12pcs) CFFAC00119
RM 144.01
Fridgetronic Axial Fan
RM 50.22
Ccm Ceiling Exhaust Fan
RM 82.03
Kdk Fan Ceiling Fan 48" M48SG
RM 401.46
Sona 16" Orbit Cycle Fan Ceiling Mounted Auto Fan SFT1523
RM 380.70
Nilfisk Cover F/FAN Housing NEP2-41 301000852
RM 249.92
Relite Actionaire Industrial Wall Fan
RM 1,155.15
Kdk 16 Inch Wall Fan 40MS
RM 619.43
Supersun Metal Wall Fan
RM 267.86
Kdk Wall Fan 40CM Metal Blade, M40CS (pull Stwitch)
RM 445.32
Weldmaster Jumbo Axial Fan 415V AS0075X
RM 11,973.70
Lambo 10" Ventilator Blower SHT-25
RM 1,044.66
Aiko Air Ventilation Fan With 5m Flexible Ducting 12" CTF-30D
RM 1,671.45
Lambo 14" Ventilator Blower SHT-35
RM 1,526.80
Aiko Ventilation Fan With 5m Flexible Ducting 24" CTF-60D
RM 6,026.86
Technifor M7000EU+FAN+CABLE 75885
RM 57,244.78
Exhaust Fan Ceiling Mount Sirocco Panasonic FV-38CD8
RM 1,583.99
Toku Exhaust Cap F/TCA-7 410001700
RM 51.92
Vistar Portable Ventilator Fan 10” Blower 250mm VST-25
RM 381.37
Technifor XM700 Eu V2+FAN+CABLE+M2S Pack 75873
RM 47,928.39
Nilfisk Exhaust Filter F/GD5 147 1089 500
RM 82.72