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Twist Tie 30m Green GX-002

Model: GX-002
Brand: OEM

Product Details

Twist Tie 30m Green GX-002


  • Plastic roller
  • Cutter included
  • Length: 30m
  • Material: plastic coated wire twist.
  • Cut-to-length Design: The continuous roll on the spool comes with a built-in metal trimmer, easy and fast to cut the wire to the length you need. Bringing convenience to you is our main care.
  • Eco-durable: The iron wire is coated with PVC, which is strong and durable. The wire can be recycled for later use after the first time. Saving the planet by doing recycling! Eco-friendly for both indoor & outdoor purposes.
  • Compatible Usage: You can decorate the garden by supporting and organizing your plants and vines, and our twist ties could help you to secure that. Also, the cables and cords on your desk can be organized and arranged in order with our ties. Besides, they are suitable for you to tie up an open bag or package at home.
  • Color: Green


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RM 5.45(exc. GST)
RM 5.83(inc. GST)

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