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Spanjaard Non-flammable Penetrating Spray 350ml - SPPNF

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Model: SPPNF
Brand: Spanjaard

Product Details

Spanjaard Non-Flammable Penetrating Spray 350mL - SPPNF

High quality non-flammable aerosol Penetrating Spray for use where fire hazard or explosive conditions exist, example in underground mining. Contains soluble molybdenum.


  • Quickly penetrates and frees seized and corroded nuts, bolts, rusty locks, door hinges, handles and fittings
  • Will loosen rust, grease, dirt, carbon deposits and corrosion
  • Excellent lubricating and anti-seize properties
  • Used in industrial and marine maintenance
  • For non-flammable product use the 400g version
  • Will loosen rust, tar, grease, dirt, carbon deposits and corrosion


  • Brand: Spanjaard
  • Product Type: Penetrating Spray
  • Colour: Black
  • Odour: Pleasant
  • Container Size: 400 mL
  • Non-Flammable: Yes
  • Container Type: Aerosol
  • Appearance: Brown liquid
  • Heat resistant: Yes
  • Interior/Exterior: Both


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