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Spanjaard Copper Compound Tin 500g - 50 520 500

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Model: 50 520 500
Brand: Spanjaard

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Spanjaard Copper Compound Tin 500g - 50 520 500

Copper Compound Tin Prevents the seizure of bolts and nuts up to 1100 degree Celsius or under corrosive conditions. Eliminates disc pad squeal Features:- Assembly of all threaded connections subject to high temperatures i.e. spark plug threads, cylinder head.


  • Permits firmer tightening and easier loosening of threaded connections and mating surfaces
  • Resistant to acid, alkali, steam, water and sea water corrosion
  • Use on automotive wheel studs, exhaust system nuts, cylinder head bolts, brake expanders, adjusters and any nut and bolt you may later want to remove
  • Use on the back of disc pads to prevent brake squeal
  • Not suitable for use on austenitic/stainless steels. Use SPANJAARD Chrome Compound or SPANJAARD Nickel Compound


  • Brand: Spanjaard
  • Product Type: Copper Compound
  • Container Size: 500 g
  • Temperature: 1 - 100°C
  • Resistant: Acid, Alkali, Steam, Water and Sea Water Corrosion
  • Length: 12 cm
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Height: 12 cm


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