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Rcm Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper BRAVA 800 ET

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Model: BRAVA 800 ET
Brand: RCM

Product Details

RCM Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper BRAVA 800 ET

Lean, Versatile, Tough

BRAVA is made for brushing quickly and easily. It will save you time and money and will keep your facilities clean with great advantages for your business and health. The Brava range is made up of three walk-behind sweeper models. Brava 800, Brava 900 and Brava 1000, petrol and battery versions with cleaning width of 780, 870 and 950 mm.

Great Operational Autonomy

Brava 900 ET and BRAVA 1000 ET support batteries up 240Ah (20h) for a maximum autonomy up to 4 h.

It Suits Your Needs

A wide range of brushes and dust filters to achieve the best cleaning results depending on the type of dirt to collect and the different flooring.

Mechanical Drive

Mechanical drive at variable speed for fatigue-free operation increasing the operating hourly output.

Battery Powered

Because of its low environmental impact, the electric version is also suitable for indoor use.

High Capacity Filter

Easy to clean thanks to the manual shaker (electric on Brava 1000). It can be disabled when operating on wet surfaces.

Electric Shaker

For a deeper cleaning of the filter, required to keep the maximum filtering capacity (optional on Brava 800 and 900)

Long Lasting

All Brava versions feature a robust pressed steel frame and a steel pipe protecting them against frontal impacts.

Low Maintenance

The intervention of a qualified technician is not needed anymore thanks to the use of new elastic straps and a practical brush adjustment system.

Reduced Costs

Special care has been taken with regard to the accessibility of mechanical components as to reduce maintenance costs.


  • It can be use in warehouses, parking, gardens, service stations, leisure facilities, hotels, supermarkets, workshops
  • Small industrial premises
  • Use for both indoors and outdoors
  • Overthrow cleaning system to fill waste container completely
  • Floating side brush with mechanical lift
  • Mechanical shaker for dust filter cleaning
  • Foldable handle
  • Steel front bumper
  • Parking brake

Area of Use

  • Industry and craftmanship, Trade and distribution, Logistics and transports, Services, Tourism and horeca, Health and welfare, Public sector, education, Sport, Private use


  • Brand: RCM
  • Series: 800
  • Product Type: Vacuum Sweeper
  • Type of Job: Wiping away and filtering the dust
  • Area to be Cleaned: 1000-3500 m²
  • Type of Cleaning Operation: Maintenance
  • Width of the Surface to be Cleaned: 78 cm
  • Waste Container: 40 L
  • Container Drain: Manual
  • Filtering Surface: Panel 2,25 mq
  • Traction: Mechanical
  • Length: 97 cm
  • Width: 75 cm
  • Height: 129 cm


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