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Multi-purpose Waiter's Can/wine Bottle Opener

Model: HPM-0013
Brand: OEM

Product Details


  • Length: 12cm
  • Width: 2cm
  • Height: 1cm


Key Features

  • Fashionable can/wine bottle opener
  • Light and easy-travel design
  • Build in with small knife compartment, provide convenience to pull up can lid
  • Auger pin for wine bottle opening
  • Firm hand grip design
  • Convenience travel size


Though comes in a small size, this Multipurpose Can and Wine Bottle Opener often plays a big role in every party or gathering event.

Made with quality stainless steel and carbon steel material, this kit is ready for its duties in popping those bottle caps and drills its way to get that bottle of wine ready for the party! This capable tool kit also comes in small size, with functional wine bottle opener spring, bottle cap opener, and small pointy knife all carefully store in a 12cm x 2cm space. It is easy to fit into your pocket to be bring along your trip.



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RM 31.17

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