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E Instrument Indoor Air Quality Monitor AQ Pro

Model: AQ Pro
Brand: E Instruments

Product Details

E Instrument Indoor Air Quality Monitor AQ Pro

The E Instruments IAQ Monitors provide indoor air quality testing professionals the very latest technology and flexibility in the capability of customizing our handheld AQ Pro and portable AQ Expert IAQ Monitors to incorporate the specific types of toxic gas sensor(s) needed for almost any IAQ application in the field. By offering the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals the ability to customize their IAQ Monitors to specifically meet their own specific requirements anywhere from 1 gas measurement (CO2only) up to 8 total gas sensors in one IAQ Monitor, E Instruments’ IAQ Monitors separate themselves from the competition. For our HVAC professionals, the unique AQ Comfort IAQ Monitors is an economical way to enter the growing residential Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing market and provide their customers with solutions on how to improve their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

MAXIMUM of Selecting Up to 3 Gases

Ambient Temperature, % Relative Humidity

Barometric Pressure, Dew Point, Wet Bulb

Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

Shipping Dimensions: 20" x 19" x 9"

  • REAL-TIME Continuous Data Logging for Graphs, Data Review, IAQ reports
  • Wireless Communications with Bluetooth
  • Active Internal Sampling Pump
  • PC Software & USB Included
  • Barometric Air Pressure
  • Temp TcK Input for ∆T
  • Differential Pressure
  • Light Weight, Durable, and Easy–to–Transport Design
  • Large Internal Memory
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy to Use Menu System
  • Optional Handheld Probe
  • Optional Wireless Remote Printer
  • Easy Built-in, Menu-driven calibration procedure
  • Designed and Manufacturing in the USA

Option for additional gases to be included

  • C2*- CO2 Sensor (0-5000 ppm)
  • O - O2 Sensor (0 - 25%)
  • C - CO Sensor (0-200 ppm)
  • N - NO2 Sensor (0-20 ppm)
  • H - H2S Sensor (0-100 ppm)
  • S - SO2 Sensor (0-20 ppm)
  • X - NO Sensor (0-250 ppm)
  • F - CH2O Sensor (Formaldehyde) (0-10,000 ppb)

*Note: CO 2 Must be included to get sensors. Otherwise, Maximum of two (2) electrochemicalsensors can be Installed on one Instrument

Optional Accessories

  • E85AACSF13 - 12”(300mm) Probe w/10’ (3m) Dual Hose
  • EE900P - Wireless Bluetooth Printer
  • BB610032 - 12” (300mm) Pitot Tube (Air Velocity)
  • AACKP01 - Differential Pressure Kit
  • AQ CAL-MET - MET-Moisture Exchange Tube
  • E85AACSF13 - 12”(300mm) Probe w/ 10’ (3m) Dual Hose
  • AQ650078 - Disposable Moisture Filters (pack of 3)

Price listed are for reference.

Please call or send email enquire on this products to complete the order. Lead time : 8 - 10 Weeks upon payment confirmation.


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RM 6,178.31
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