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Chukyo Sand Rubber Grit

Model: CSRGJ01

Product Details


  • SoftSand rubber particles are ideal for non-skid coatings especially on boats, pools, patios, agility equipment and other areas exposed to bare feet, bathing suits, paws, etc.
  • SoftSand particles can be used with any paint - 1 and 2 part urethanes, acrylics, enamels, epoxies, etc.
  • Rubber particles are designed to adhere to the coating system so they won't pop out as the coating wears like sand or other hard additives


  • Brand: Chukyo
  • Product Type: Sand Rubber Grit
  • Material: Sand

Available in Grit Sizes:

  • SKU: SR-046 - Grit 46
  • SKU: SR-120 - Grit 120
  • SKU: SR-320 - Grit 320


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