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Atg Maxidry Gauntlet Coated Gloves

Model: 56-426
Brand: ATG

Product Details

ATG MaxiDry Gauntlet Gloves

People have been asking us to make an oil repellent MaxiFlex & Reg that’s still super thin, flexible, dexterous and comfortable. So we did and it's called MaxiDry & Reg.

Protection Against Oils, Liouids and Chemicals

Liquid repellence - we have increased resistance to oils via our LIQUItech & Reg technology platform.


  • Brand: ATG
  • Product Type: Gloves
  • Colour (Coating): Purple/Black
  • Colour (Liner): Neutral
  • Coating: Gauntlet
  • Palm Thickness: 1.00 mm
  • Silicone Free: Yes

Available Size:

  • SKU: 56-426S9 - 9
  • SKU: 56-426S10 - 10


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RM 24.03
Ex Stock: 169 units


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