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Medical Supplies & Equipments
General medical disposables, wheelchairs, commodes and other personal care products. We're here to cater the products to keep you in the pink of health.
Pk20 Nexcare Strip Transparent
RM 6.28
Pte Label First Aid Box Outfit No. Hs2
RM 116.19
Assure Plastic First Aid Kit Mom Certified
RM 252.47
Eye Drop, Refresh Disposable (0.4ml Each) 30's
RM 59.66
Assure First Aid Kit FAB-CS
RM 139.43
Medical First Aid Canvas Pouch
RM 109.91
Meidi® Medical Grade Sterile Paper Towel (200pc/packet)
RM 8.48
Accsafe Non Woven Shoe Cover Blue (50 Pairs/bag)
RM 16.64
(ready Stock) Medic Kids Earloop 3ply Face Mask - 10pcs/bag (blue Only)
RM 62.49
(pre-order) Medic® Surgical 3ply Earloop Face Mask (50pcs/box)
RM 147.59
Equate Medical Mask/ Earloop Mask- 20pcs
RM 116.19
(ready Stock) Medic Kids 3d Earloop 4ply Face Mask - 5pcs/bag
RM 68.77
Assure Chrome Standard Wheelchair 18" Ar-0100 With Mag Wheel
RM 587.22
Lifeline Ram Hd 4 Wheel Scooter 35ah
RM 8,792.63
Lifeline Foam Mattress for Hospital Bed
RM 604.81
Pharmcare Spray Bio-shield Antimicrobial (500ml)
RM 61.23
Assure Chrome Steel Commode Chair With 4 Lock Ar-0221
RM 298.32
Lifeline Gem 4 Wheel Scooter 21 Ah
RM 5,181.37
Hand Sanitizer (5 Litre) -70% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Disinfectant
RM 125.29
Abner Non-contact Forehead Thermometers (6 Months Warranty)
RM 427.07
Hand Sanitizer 50ml
RM 7.85
Powder Free Vinyl Glove (box)
RM 16.02
Sensi Anti Pollution Mask Grey -- 24pcs Per Box
RM 286.39
Breathable Mask (box)
RM 18.21