Medical Supplies & Equipments
General medical disposables, wheelchairs, commodes and other personal care products. We're here to cater the products to keep you in the pink of health.
panadol With Optizorb 20's
RM 23.95
Assure First Aid Kit FAB-CS
RM 141.78
Cotton Balls Non-Sterile 0.5gms, (100pcs/pack) X 5 Packs
RM 15.97
Opto-Pharm Sterile Wash 15ml (pack of 15)
RM 21.08
Alcare First Aid Kit for Travel Use
RM 104.74
Hansaplast Plaster Elastic Strip Box of 100
RM 22.99
Disposable Nitrile Gloves Blue 100'S (S/M/L)
RM 91.97
Assure Suction Connecting Tube Sterile 7M028180
RM 18.84
Hdpe Biohazard Waste Bags 25’’ X 36’’ X 0.035mm (50pcs/pack)
RM 137.31
Byd Surgical Mask (astm Level 2)
RM 37.59
1Carton Made in Singapore 3Ply Disposable Surgical Mask
RM 782.36
0.9% w/v Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution (1000ml/bottle)
RM 18.04
Guardian Pill Planner Daily 4-A-Day 604907
RM 9.58
Glucose 5% Intravenous Infusion B.p. 500ml by B. Braun
RM 12.45
Hirayama Autoclave With Certification HG-50
RM 33,146.48
10L Oxygen Concentrator Medical Grade
RM 5,412.65
Folding Pole Stretcher
RM 530.09
Doctor Cap Elastic-Loop, Blue (100/pack) by Cosmo Med
RM 36.12
Byd 3ply Disposable Mask
RM 24.14
Assure Adult Diaper (carton) ASSURE-YMS02-C
RM 247.70
Byd Mask Kids Blue
RM 57.48
Walch Disinfectant Wipes 75 pcs/pack
RM 22.80
Hydrofluoric Acid Antidote Gel 15g
RM 49.18
Graceduty Sterile Eye Pad With Loop
RM 4.92