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Adhesive & Packing Tapes products

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Top Brands for Adhesive & Packing Tapes
RM 130.21
Masking Tape (per Carton)
RM 4.19
2" Cloth Tape
RM 3.01
Cheapest Good Quality Opp Tape / Clear Tape /Masking Packing Tape Scotch Tape 48mm X 90m
RM 81.83
3M Safety Stripe Vinyl Tape 3” X 36 Yards 766
RM 20.09
Vhb Double Sided Tape X 33m
Bulk Discount
RM 49.62RM 52.23
Wardrobe Carton Box
RM 2.51
Anchor Masking Tape AC1
RM 21.76
3M 23 Rubber Splicing Tape 3/4 Inch
RM 15.07
3M 33 Vinyl Electrical Tape - Black
RM 3.35
Kapton Polyimide Tape Heat Resistant 3D Printing Powder Coating X 33m
Bulk Discount
RM 4.27RM 5.02
Yih Hwa Double Sided Foam Tape 10m (white)
RM 80.36
3M Scotchrap Tm All-Weather Corrosion Protection Tape 50 2in X 100 Ft
RM 6.53
Tape Opp 2"X80YD Clear
RM 38.84
Strong Adhesive Floor Marking Tape 48mm X 33m (yellow, Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange)
RM 28.90
3m #23 3/4"x30ft High Tension Tape
RM 8.71
Loytape Cellulose Tape
RM 94.72
Kawasaki High Temperature Masking Tape
RM 977.69
Canvas Adhesive Tape
RM 45.60
Brother Ribbon Tape 12mm 4Meter
RM 24.11
3M™ Masking Tape 2308
RM 5.02
Tape,masking Crepe Paper 1"X 25YRD/ROL
Bulk Discount
RM 7.64RM 8.04
Opp Brown Tape (2" X 80yds)
RM 5.02
Hunter Masking Tape 1" 505
RM 1.67
Duct Tape 45m
RM 11.05
Aluminum Foil Tape X 45m
Bulk Discount
RM 0.63RM 0.70
Masking Tape [general Purpose] X 23m [Painter/ Renovation/ Drawing/Adhesive Tape]
RM 5.36
Cloth Tape 48mm X 7m Black
RM 167.41
3M 471 Floor Tape 2'' X 36YDS
RM 6.36
Hunter Cloth Tape 72mm X 7meter
RM 42.19
Tape ANTI-CORROSION Petroleum 50MMX10M Denso
RM 590.30
3M Vhb Tape 36YD Very High Bond Tape 4950
RM 470.09
Nikko Opp Tape
RM 38.17
Scotch Mounting Tape Clear 3M 4010C 21MM X 2 Meters CF46
RM 1.17
Teflon Tape 1/2" X 50' Tombo
RM 5.02
Kawasaki Masking Tape 12mm X 45M
RM 364.96
Oyama Ad Fastening Tape Hook and Loop 25M X 50MM CF89
RM 1.44
Cfc Cfcgo Teflon Tape 1/2'' X 520'' 13.2M/Roll 109503