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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Rack D27cm
RM 49.75
Loaf Pan 20x10cm
RM 26.21
Paper Loaf Cake Tray (leaf) 14x6.5x4.5cm (4pc)
RM 10.30
Biscuit/chocolate Mould D6.5 H1.5cm (6pc)
RM 23.25
Springform 2-interchangeable Bottom Cake Mould D22cm
RM 58.60
Paper Loaf Cake Tray (brown Block) 17.5x6.5x4.5cm (4pc)
RM 10.30
Pincer Tongs 20.5cm
RM 7.66
Ice Cream Scoop D5 L19cm
RM 14.43
Cotton Kitchen Twine - Approx 100g
RM 5.04
Lucid Whisk 26cm
RM 11.47
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Tongs 16"
RM 22.09
Oil Filter D15.5cm (20pc)
RM 8.54
Wooden Ladle 28cm
RM 29.14
Food Grade Potato Masher
RM 15.44
Stainless Steel Oil Sieve 26.5x10cm
RM 13.26
Stainless Steel Strainer L28.5 W15cm
RM 17.36
Pony Red Mini Slotted Ladle 20cm
RM 7.37
Smart Nylon Mini Slotted Ladle 21cm
RM 7.37
Toyogo 19inch Colander-b 1989 (pack of 6)
RM 56.71
Toyogo Washing Colander(no.4) 1084 (pack of 6)
RM 27.41
Toyogo Washing Colander(no.2) 1082 (pack of 6)
RM 18.27
Toyogo 34cm Colander Kt-8134 (pack of 6)
RM 27.41
Toyogo Washing Colander(no.5) 1085 (pack of 6)
RM 34.03
Toyogo Washing Colander(no.1) 1081 (pack of 6)
RM 11.34
Chef's Heavy Duty Sus304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors With Wooden Handle and Safety Lock
RM 59.54
Elegant Partner Scissors 25cm
RM 49.75
Elegant Excel Scissors 25cm
RM 49.75
Kitchen Scissors 20cm
RM 18.56
Bread Knife L32cm (blade 19cm)
RM 23.25
Crab Clipping Scissors 20cm
RM 21.20
NMBVCR15NP 11/4" "norika®" Brass Chrome Plated Bottle Trap 35mm for Wash Basin
RM 37.81
11/2" Norika® Brass Chrome Plated Bottle Trap 42mm for Sink BTCP42
RM 37.81
Toyogo 19 Inch Basin 3019 (pack of 6)
RM 102.08
Stainless Steel Sink Drainer D11.3cm
RM 8.54
Toyogo Basin 1718 (pack of 6)
RM 45.37
Stainless Steel Sink Drainer D5.5cm
RM 6.77