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Chemical Products
Industrial-grade chemical products for gluing, cleaning and painting. Find chemical adhesives, multipurpose cleaning liquids, degreasers & stain removers here.
Gorilla Wood Glue
RM 36.89
Loctite® 435™ Prism (20ml)
RM 77.50
Loctite 435 Prism Instant Adhesive 20ml Henkel Authorized Distributor
RM 110.36
LOCTITE® 403™ Prism (20ML)
RM 62.00
LOCTITE® 498™ Prism (20ML)
RM 62.00
LOCTITE 409 (20G)
RM 77.50
Selleys Knead It 50gm (underwater) 5 Packets
RM 18.60
Quikcontrol Hi-temp Sealing Tape Qht
RM 92.07
Sealxtreme Leak Repair Kit SFT0205
RM 78.43
Loctite Polyethylene Taper 0.58mm Needle 50pieces/pack Henkel Authorized Distributor
RM 136.40
Loctite Stainless Steel Tip 0.58mm Needle 50pieces/pack Henkel Authorized Distributor
RM 106.95
Devcon Hr Super 3000 16400
RM 1,822.76
Mapei Kerabond T
RM 47.74
Pye Tile Grout Ready Mixed Grout 0.5kg White
RM 31.31
Lanko 280NS Grout Gp 25kg/bag
RM 29.20
Pyetile Adhesive 1.5kg
RM 26.66
Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 2 Kg
RM 15.50
Pye Grout Waterproof Tile Grout 0.5 Kg White WAGR-10
RM 17.98
Wessbond 4 Min Steel Epoxy 56.8g Wb-se5
RM 9.92
Loctite E-20hp Epoxy Adhesive 50ml Henkel Authorized Distributor
RM 65.10
Alteco 20g Clear Epoxy
RM 15.50
Threebond Quick Setting Epoxy 200g - TB2086M
RM 133.92
Loctite Ea0151 Epoxy Adhesive Cartridge Ultra Clear 50ml Henkel Authorized Distributor
RM 75.33
Hilti Dual Foil Pack 330ml RE500
RM 178.56
Resimac 301 Thixotropic Solvent Free Epoxy Resin and Hardener 300g - RES301
RM 89.28
Cold Patch Tube & Tire Repair Kit
RM 10.54
Wessbond Aquapatch Epoxy Putty 28.4g Wb-ap4
RM 8.99
Resimac 206 Solvent Free Ceramic Hta Repair Fluid 1kg - RES206
RM 874.18
Wessbond Aquapatch EP1494
RM 24.18
Resimac 302 Solvent Free Epoxy Repair Cement 1kg - RES302
RM 371.99