Chemical Products
Industrial-grade chemical products for gluing, cleaning and painting. Find chemical adhesives, multipurpose cleaning liquids, degreasers & stain removers here.
Loctite-401 Adhesive Glue(20gm)
RM 63.82
Suremark Glue Stick
RM 2.48
Bossil Ultra-Fast Setting Ethyl-Based Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Power Glue 8502
RM 21.09
Bossil Ultra-Fast Setting Ethyl-Based Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Power Glue 8502
RM 17.55
Yamayo Super Glue 1 Pc (3 Gram)
RM 3.55
Loctite 420 20gm Super Bonder Instant Adhesive Loctite Authorised Distributor
RM 89.70
Repair Kit Pipe Emergency 100MMX3.6X12FT RAPP-IT 124
RM 265.90
Repair Kit Pipe Emergency 50MMX3.6X12FT RAPP-IT 122
RM 230.45
Sealxpert AT272 Anaerobic Thread Locker Threadlocker Thread-Locking Fluid
RM 56.55
Sealxpert RC680 Anaerobic Retaining Compound for Bonding Cylindrical Fittings
RM 102.64
Sealxpert Pumice Hand Cleaner With Hand Pump XPHC04P
RM 202.62
Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandage
RM 177.27
Selleys No Mould Translucent Tube 100ml 9300697128843
RM 32.62
3M Hd Mounting Tape 21MMX2M 4010C-2M
RM 42.54
T&b TY526MX Cable Tie Black 3.6X281MM Uv
RM 67.36
Hunter 111 Rtv (room Temperature Vulcanizing Silicone) Industrial Grade Sealant Adhesive Bond
RM 26.59
3M Scotch Mounting Tape 110 (1/2"X75)
RM 22.69
Selleys No Mould White Tube 100ml 9300697128836
RM 32.62
Belzona 1982 Superwrap Ii 80°C (3 Ltr)
RM 7,265.50
Belzona 1111 Super Metal 1KG
RM 1,681.92
Autochem Aquabond Expoxy Putty 4 Oz
RM 37.05
Belzona 1212 St Metal 450GRAM
RM 1,150.47
Devcon 5 Minute® Epoxy Rapid-Cure 14250 / General Purpose Adhesive Epoxy
RM 90.41
Alteco Epo Putty 100g
RM 21.27
RM 88.63
Blu Tack/Bostik Uk - Bundles Packs (蓝宝贴-蓝丁胶)
RM 31.91
Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape
RM 138.27
Panther Gaffer Tape - High Quality Adhesive Gaffer Tape [1 Carton - 24 Rolls]
RM 808.34
Gorilla Double Sided Tape
RM 148.91
Anti Corrosion Pipe Protection Tape (outer Wrap) (reinforced Aluminum Foil Backing)
RM 1,169.97